Traditionally, a Vietnamese marital relationship is a service involving various rituals. Even though modern Thai marriages are usually more private affairs, traditional Thai marriages stay a common practice in rural Vietnam. The ceremony includes a series of occasions, beginning with an official engagement wedding ceremony, called Dam Hoi. The groom wonderful family therefore seek the bride’s parents’ permission pertaining to marriage. The fogeys of the bride-to-be and groom match and discuss the arrangements with regards to the marriage ceremony.

After the groom and his family unit are authorized for marriage, the bride-to-be is then shown to the groom’s family. The groom and his family members are asked to give the new bride gifts. The gifts will be carried in a tin bag called a mam qua. The tin basket is usually covered using a red material.

The group of the bride and groom then go to the groom’s family property. The group of the bridegroom leads the procession and introduces the family towards the family of the bride. Once the bride’s family welcomes the presents, the wedding couple make their way for the altar for the Tea and Candlestick Ceremony. This commemoration focuses on ancestors and honors the parents of both parties. Following your ceremony, the bride and groom bow to each other and receive gifts from every single other’s parents.